About - Summit Within

About Summit Within

Summit Within is the parent company of
Women Who Explore and The Lady Alliance.

In September 2018, Women Who Explore and The Lady Alliance decided to meet in person. All three founders were curious about each other. An instant bond was created over breakfast poutines and coffee. 

Both Jenny and Lindsay from Women Who Explore and Kieren from The Lady Alliance had similar values, goals, and a love for life, adventure, and inspiring others. The Lady Alliance aims to build confidence and community through adventure. Women Who Explore is a community dedicated to getting every woman into the outdoors. 

Yah, we saw the similarities as well...

The idea came in a dog walk. Both companies wanted to reach as many people as possible while empowering women, encouraging confidence, building community, and getting women into the outdoors...

The Lady Alliance and Women Who Explore believe that collaboration is always better than competition. Sometimes we forget that. It is easy to feel as though we need to compete to be the best, when in reality we can create even more positive change when working together. 

Aligning through values of empowerment, kindness, adventure, and encouragement, we created our parent company, Summit Within.