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Collaboration Over Competition

If we are anything, we are an alliance. We truly believe that collaboration is always greater than competition. And that is why we are honoured to call both of these companies our sisters.

The story of
Mountain Girls and The Lady Alliance.

The Lady Alliance started as an online social community where women had the chance to share their story. Whether it was a photo or adventure article, ladies could submit their adventures and speak through The Lady Alliance. After demand to meet in person grew, The Lady Alliance decided to host our first event. 

Always marvelling at the events in the south hosted by Mountain Girls, The Lady Alliance was hoping to make contact to ask for some advice. After being turned down by other communities when looking for mentorship, we hesitated before deciding to give it a shot, what would a quick message hurt? 

Any words of advice were welcome. 

Meg from Mountain Girls called us back almost instantly, offering advice, encouragement and inspiration. Fully embodying the values of Mountain Girls in her own personal relationships. 

Since that phone call, Mountain Girls have been an incredible mentor, friend and travel partner as we explore the world to bring on new tours. We wouldn't be where we are today without Meg's love and support. 

The story of
Women Who Explore and The Lady Alliance.

In September 2018, Women Who Explore and The Lady Alliance - two separate companies doing similar events in the same locations - decided to meet in person. All three founders were curious about each other. An instant bond was created over breakfast poutines and coffee. 

Both Jenny and Lindsay from Women Who Explore and Kieren from The Lady Alliance had similar values, goals, and a love for life, adventure, and inspiring others. The Lady Alliance aims to build confidence and community through adventure. Women Who Explore is a community dedicated to getting every woman into the outdoors. 

Yah, we saw the similarities as well...

The idea came in a dog walk. Both companies wanted to reach as many people as possible while empowering women, encouraging confidence, building community, and getting women into the outdoors...

We believe that collaboration is always better than competition. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. It is easy to feel as though we need to compete to be the best, when in reality we can create even more positive change when working together. 

Aligning through values of empowerment, kindness, adventure, and encouragement, we have become sister companies.