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Heart Course

A practical healing guide for navigating pain

mend a broken heart • create meaningful relationships • communication and common ground • deep self love  

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From published authors to social media influencers, spiritual and life coaches to midwives, writers to adventure-models, we have gathered an incredible team of instructors to bring you the ultimate course in mental wellness!

Our Empowerment Series is a 5 part series, covering the Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

Our Heart Course is here to help uncover the mental process of moving on in a healthy way, helping you find that perfect person for you, and learning to communicate properly out of the starting gates. 

Much love,
Kieren, Callie + The Lady Alliance Team

Meet one of our collaborative authors.

Kieren Britton

Kieren loves to dream of the ridiculous and make it a reality. Whether it's cycling across Canada or converting a school bus into a full time home, there is nothing Kieren enjoy's more than testing the limits and learning more about herself!

The experience of an emotionally abusive relationship inspired the creation and growth of The Lady Alliance, in which Kieren has found healing and solace, community, and a love for life through adventure.

This healing opened the doors for Kieren to help other's heal, allowing Kieren to clearly see a 6 step process that she is excited to share with us.