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At The Lady Alliance, we believe that becoming and loving yourself is life's greatest adventure.

So whether your seeking personal growth or healing, lacing up your first pair of hiking shoes, or tackling your 100th summit, The Lady Alliance will be there to help you along the way.

This is your dashboard entry into our many different member benefits. Whether you're here to access a course or courses that will change your life, or you are one of our members here to get discount codes on the gear you need to get outside, we are here to support YOU to help you find your...

Summit Within




Not only do memberships help us maintain our offerings every year, Members also have access to:

  • Apparel Discounts
  • Year round discounts to our favourite brands
  • Discount code for Women Who Explore Trips
  • List Your Business 
  • Live stream our evening tours
  • Private pre-launch registration for events
  • Plus, so much more!

$7.99 a Month



Our courses are a collaborative courses created by a collection of incredible authors, writers, therapists, and influencers. 

These courses will help you retrain your brain, build resilience, love your body, heal your heart, follow your soul, and empower others. 

This dashboard allows you to access the courses you have purchased, and purchase or pre-order your next course. 

You will also be able to see our team!

Each course: $39.99



An excited, bubbly, inspirational bunch - our Chapter Coordinators are the ladies on the ground helping host events.

From free local events, to our tours and everything in between, these ladies bring the magic! 

Chapter Coordinators have access to the Summit Membership, and the Mind Course. 

Create the life of your dreams at 
WE ARE - Women Led Wellness Conference

Join us in Saskatoon on September 14 for a full day of life changing workshops! From how to effectively use your voice to always say the right thing, to using self-compassion and so much more - this is a day you do not want to miss!

We are flying our speakers in from around North America to show you just how capable, confident, and unstoppable YOU are!


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